IMDL/MIL Robot Demo Descriptions  
Media/Guest Robot Demos: Wed, Dec. 5, 2012, 1:00-3:30pm in the NEB Harris Rotunda IMDL = Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory
This info available at: MIL = Machine Intelligence Laboratory
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Designer's Name Robot's Name Robot Description Affiliation Website URL #
Andrew Gray Bird Buggy The Bird Buggy is a mobile platform that a parrot can utilize for self transportation. The robot can autonomously locate and dock with a recharging station. The robot will also provide feedback to the parrot in order to improve his (the parrot's) driving skills. IMDL site/birdbuggy109/ 1
Andrew Wegener PropaGator PropaGator is an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV, i.e., a boat) The PropaGator will travel to GPS waypoints and IMDL 2
Ilan Eskinazi Marey's Hand Marey's Hand is a low-cost sEMG-controlled prosthetic hand for amputees. It analyses biopotentials from the user's muscles to actuate a hand mechanism in the desired manner. IMDL 3
Daniel Frank Fallen Angel Fallen Angel is an autonomous mobile personal emergency response system. Fallen Angel patrols the home, avoiding obstacles while searching for someone who has fallen. Once a person is detected lying on the floor, it calls for help by sending an e-mail and text message to prearranged emergency contacts. IMDL site/imdlfallenangel/home 4
Juan David Rios AlienBot AlienBot is an autonomous robot that can follow lines, perform color recognition and avoid obstacles. The AlienBot's goal is to find Aliens (colored objects) and shot them with a laser pointer. IMDL 5
Ivan Bukreyev The American With six legs, each with 3 degrees-of-freedom, The American will be able to walk with multiple gates. IMDL 6
Kechen Tang Gift Gift is a smart servant robot. She will follow a line in order to help find an item that was ordered and then bring it back. IMDL 7
Mike McGrath HAPPY HAPPY (He's A Pro Putter for You) is an autonomous, Happy
Gilmore-themed, putting robot. He will locate a golf ball and putt it within a designated target area.
Luther Lloyd III Wrench Dog Wrench Dog is a mechanics best friend because he searches the garage floor looking for wrenches, and picking them so that the mechanics can focus on their work. IMDL 9
Eduardo Moreno Enforcer The Enforcer searches for a target and tracks it. When he finds his target, he will enforce the law by delivering a painful blow. IMDL 10
John Phillips Holey Moley Holey Moley is a subterranean, mole-like robot. When she finds an wall obstructing her path, she can dig underneath the obstruction to reach her desired destination. IMDL 11
Xiaodong Fang Wall Follower Wall Follower is an automatic wall-following and color tracking robot. She will approach, detect and travel parallel to a wall (or large object). Once the wall is detcted, Wall Follower will look for a particular color to track. Wall Follower is my first step in creating a parallel parking robot. IMDL 12
Matthew Thompson FlameWheel UAV The FlameWheel UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to autonomously transport and deploy payloads anywhere on the globe via GPS waypoints. IMDL 13
Josh Weaver, Gautam Dash, Matt Thompson MILaGator MIL's quadcopter. MIL   1
Patrick Walters, Matt Thompson, Gautam Dash, Paul Launier, SubjuGator, UF's Robot Submarines SubjuGator is an autonomous submarine. The SubjuGator you will see is a past world champion and is one of the 3 world champion SubjuGator robots designed in the last 7 years at UF. MIL 2
Andres Vargas, Colin Watson, Camilo Buscaron, John Phillips, Andrew Wegener, William Rolke, Andrew Gray InstiGator, UF's Robot Lawnmowers InstiGator is an autonomous lawnmower. The robot and team won the static division of the 8th Annual ION (Institute of Navigation) Robotic Lawn Mower Compeitition in Ohio in June 2011. We will show InstiGator 1 and InstiGator 2 from the 2012 competition. MIL InstiGator in Alligator Newspaper 3
Josh Weaver, Gautam Dash Dune Buggy Robot One of a group of Dune Buggy robots. MIL   4
Originally created in the late 1990's by Bob Pitzer, at least 10 other MIL students have modified this robot. Mars Rover MIL's Mars Rover has been rebuilt several times, including in early 2012. It is mechanically very similar to the first Mars Rovers (that is still on Mars and landed there in 1997) and has much in common with the other two Rovers that landed on Mars in 2004. MIL   5