SUMMER 2007 Program
Application Deadline 3/16/07


Machine Intelligence Lab
Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo, Director
338 MAEB
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 392-6605

Current NSF CISE REU programs.

Unfortunately, we did NOT get funding for an REU in 2010-2011. Please check again in January 2011 for a summer 2011 REU.

2007 REU Participants

What is R.E.U.?
R.E.U. stands for Research Experience for Undergraduates. It is a program sponsored by the NSF to get undergraduates acquainted with a research environment. This particular instance of the program uses the design and implementation of autonomous agents to facilitate research and problem solving in a variety of engineering fields.


What is IMDL?
IMDL is the Intelligent Machines Design Lab. It is also known as EEL5666 -- a graduate level course wherein the students design and build autonomous mobile robots. The course does not concentrate on electrical engineering, however. A large portion of the design is mechanical and material engineering. The intelligence portion deals with current topics in machine learning, biological solutions to robotics problems and other issues outside the traditional realm of engineering.
This REU implementation is very much like IMDL in many ways. The only difference is that you are guided more closely and, because you don't have a grade to worry about, you get to be more flexible in what you do.

What is the MIL?
Simply put, the MIL
(Machine Intelligence Lab) does research on robots. We do both the hardware and software design. Some people work on the high-level learning and some like the low-level hardware design. It's up to the student to decide what they want to concentrate on. (Some highly inspired, courageous, self-sacrificing students aid with the administration of the lab.)

Everyone works together at the MIL. Sometimes teams will be formed and meetings held. Mostly, however, the students interested in a project will get together whenever possible and get the job done.

How do I find out more?
Here is the program announcement in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats. It has all of the contact and eligibility information. The same contact information is below for your convenience.


How do I apply?
Below is the application in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and plaintext formats. Please submit the application electronically to either Drs. Arroyo or Schwartz. Their email addresses are listed below.







Contact Information




Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL), University of Florida



Drs. A. Antonio Arroyo & Eric M. Schwartz



Apply by March 16, 2007 for the Summer Semester (from May 14 - August 10, 2007)



Send applications and recommendations to [ Dr. Arroyo or Dr. Schwartz]



(352) 392-2639 or 392-2541

Jenny's K9Check out the research done in former MIL-REU programs! We had a vision research platform, an analog bug, an autonomous refrigerator, an obscure character from a Sci-Fi cult classic and lawnmowers!
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