Spring 2016 class meets Tuesday, Periods 8-9 (3:00-4:55pm) in Lar 239. Labs meet in NSC 407.

Instructors: Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo and Dr. Eric M. Schwartz
Teaching Assistants: Mason Turner and Khaled Hassan

  • Welcome to EGN-1935 ECE (Ad)Ventures.
  • Labs will begin the week of January 19.
  • Spring 2016 semester official lab time for each student is now available.

  • ECE Adventures is intended for freshmen and sophomores in their first year at UF. If you are unsure of your major or would like to learn about potential experiences of an Electrical and Computer Engineering student, this course is for you! In EGN 1935 you'll learn about robots and experiment with sensors and actuators. This process will help you discover many basic ECE concepts. Grades are based on attendance and class participation. No exams.

  • View a flyer for this exciting course (for the Spring 2016 semester).
  • Spring 2016 course outline (syllabus) (2 Feb)
  • For more info contact: Dr. Eric M. Schwartz, e-mail: ems@ufl.edu

  • Spring 2016 competition videos are posted here.
  • Email contact info for each team is available here.
  • More info will be here after our final class.
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