MOTM_2 motor controller/driver

"The Motion Mind DC Motor Controller is a motion control product capable of controlling one brushed DC motor. A variety of control methods are supported including open loop and closed loop control. Open loop control methods do not require feedback from an encoder and can operate with serial data input, button presses, analog control signals (0-5V), and pulse control from a hobby R/C type control signal (1-2ms pulses, approximately every 20ms). Closed loop control requires either a quadrature encoder (sometimes called an incremental encoder) or an analog feedback signal (0-5V). When operating in closed loop modes position and/or velocity control are possible. Some limit switch functionality is supported through negative and positive limit switch inputs. The state of the index input from a three-channel encoder can be monitored and the approximate position of the last index pulse present is available.

A binary communication protocol is implemented for higher data throughput applications. The binary communication protocol may be replaced with a simpler ASCII command set through a switch on the PCB. The ASCII protocol ensures ease of programming with simple terminal programs. Baud rates of 19.2KBPS or 9.6KBPS may be selected. Electrically, the Motion Mind can communicate at RS232 levels through an on-board translator IC, or through a TTL serial interface with an open-collector output that allows multiple modules to share the same data bus.

The board measures 2.4" wide x 3.6" long x 0.6" tall. The Module is powered directly off of the motor voltage and may provide 200mA of regulated 5VDC voltage to other off board devices." (