Current Parts


Drive Motors (x3): (Hsiang Neng, GN-GH12-2416T, DC-12V-120RPM50:1) ML-50 (50:1 gearhead), all metal gears, 7.26oz weight, 120rpm, 50:1 gear reduction, 320oz-in stall torque, 83oz-in max torque efficiency, rated load rpm=100, 3.3A stall current, .78 efficiency, current at rated load=730mA, no load=115mA


Directional Motors (x3): (TRW, #409A285, DC-12V) Approximately 3.5A stall current (from previous use)


Optical Encoders (x3): (Encoder HEDS-9000-B00, DISK-1000-500-7) Transmissive rotary hub/disk, 5 pins (VDD-5V, GND, Phase A, Phase B, incremental pulse), 2. Disk resolution (1000 CPR), supply voltage 4.5-5.5V, max Cload=100pF, typical current=17mA, max current=40mA, 200ns rise time and 50ns fall time for pulses, two channel optical increment encoder modules (codewheel)


Needed Parts (suggested)


Motor Drivers (x6-x8)

Sonar Modules (x2-x3)

Microcontroller Board


Incremental Encoders with home/zero position (x3-x4)

Motor Controllers (x6-x8)