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Koolio is a combination of R2D2 and a vending machine. His home is the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Florida. Faculty and students working in the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Building B (MAEB) can simply access the Internet to request that Koolio deliver a snack or a cold drink to their office. Koolio then leaves his docking station, navigates through the lab, and proceeds down the hallway, using cameras to find the correct office number, avoiding any obstacles in his path. After a successful delivery he returns to the docking station to await the next order and the process begins anew.

Koolio video

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Documentation (May, 2007)

Code (May, 2007)

Team Members (May, 2007)

Data Sheets

Progress (May, 2007)

The Koolio project was partially supported by the National Science Foundation REU program, under Grant No. 0453459.