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                                Brian Pietrodangelo

                                        2805 SW 1st Ave Gainesville, FL 32607

                                        (850) 450-1802       






Objective      To earn a Masters Degree and later pursue a professional position in a robotics related field.


Education     Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

                        University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

                        Anticipated Aug 2004


                        Grade-Point Average: 3.00 (of 4.0)


                        Advanced Engineering Courses 

                        Digital Logic and Computer Systems

Digital Design

Microprocessor Applications

Intelligent Machines Design Lab

Digital Computer Architecture




5/04-8/04       Machine Intelligence Laboratory, University of Florida

                        Automated Control System for Medical Provider

                        Team Leader and Project Developer – Secured for MIL a $40,000 contract from a private sector medical provider to develop an automated control system for use in proprietary medical device.


5/03-8/03       Machine Intelligence Laboratory, University of Florida      

Research Assistant -- One of 12 students selected from nationwide applicants to participate in REU – Research Experience for Undergraduates.  This program -- sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), focused on the design and implementation of autonomous agents to facilitate research and problem solving in a variety of engineering fields.


5/01-8/01       Syn-tec Systems Tallahassee, FL

                        Technical Assistant – Responsible for assembling automated fuel control units. These units, incorporate micro processing  technology and are used in the public and private sector for automated monitoring of fleet fuel use and costs. .


5/00-8/00       Allen Nobles & Associates, Inc. Tallahassee, FL

Engineering Assistant – responsible for working  in civil engineering & structural engineering projects, serving on a crew, responsible for land surveys, mapping and right-of –way/stormwater management assessments.


08/97-06/99   Pietrodangelo Production Group Tallahassee, FL

                        Film and Video Production Assistant – responsible for overseeing equipment needs for location film and video production. Also responsible for assembly and repair of video editing and audio mixing computer systems and overseeing relocation and setup of video archive library


Organizations and Affiliations


                        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

                        Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Sigma Chi Fraternity

Advanced SCUBA Certification Group


Accomplishments - Link to CD based information


References: Available upon request.