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Kontron Embedded PC/104+ Board


  • 266 MHz Pentium MMX

  • 128 MB DRAM




Merlin AVR MAX

  • Employs an Altera Max 3000 CPLD interfaced to  an Atmel Mega128.








Atmel Atmega128 AVR microcontroller

  • 8-bit RISC processor

  • 128-Kbyte self-programming Flash Program Memory, 

  • 4-Kbyte SRAM, 

  • 4-Kbyte EEPROM, 

  • 8 Channel 10-bit A/D-converter. 

  • Up to 16 MIPS throughput at 16 Mhz.





Red Hat Linux

  • Version 9.0


Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless card

  • 2.4 GHz




  • Plugs into 12v utility outlet 

  • Cools to 44-46F below inside temperature           
  • Holds 52 cans


Sharp GP2D12 IR Distance Measuring Sensor

  • Infrared distance measuring            sensor. 

  • Accurately determines range           between 10cm and 80cm.


Devantech SRF08 Ultrasonic Range Finder

  • Accurately determines range from 6m to 3cm           between 3cm and 3m.
  • Has a much wider field-of-view than the Sharp infrared distance measuring sensors.


Toshiba MK2016GAP


  • 20GB Hard drive



Creative Video Blaster II Webcam

  • CPiA based controler chip USB webcam


Ibex L12-2.0/16AC SLA battery charger

  • 16VAC input (transformer is supplied), 2.0A output, 0C to +50C operation.
  • For 12V, 6Ah to 200Ah batteries.                          
  • This is a linear charger/power supply that can be field jumpered for 2 mode or 3 mode operation. 



CMPS03 Magnetic Compass

  • Magnetic compass to aid in navigation

20x4 LCD Display with LED Backlight

  • This LCD has four lines of 20        characters, with an LED backlight. 
  • Standard Hitachi-compatible           controller.