Conference Proceedings



These are the proceedings from the 17th annual Florida Conference on the Recent Advances in Robotics (FCRAR). All papers, as they were turned in, are available below. The location of the 18th Annual FCRAR is yet to be determined. The remaining contents of this website are similar, but not identical, to the information given out on the CD, which also contains the original graphics for the conference logo etc.



TA1: Control Applications

Sanjay Jayaram, Roger Johnson, and Guru Prasad (UCF)

Near Real-time Autonomous Health Monitoring of Actuators: Fault Detection and Reconfiguration

David Sheats, Zvi S. Roth, Mark Sheats, and Elizabeth Strehlow (FAU)

Autotune of PID Cryogenic Temperature Control Based on Closed-Loop Step Response Tests

Majura F. Selekwa, Patrick J. Hollis, Srinivas Palanki and Emmanuel G. Collins, Jr. (FAMU-FSU)

Torque Control of a Robotic Vehicle Based on Predicted Road Profile

Alexander Leonessa and Tannen S. VanZwieten (UCF)

Neural Network Model Reference Adaptive Control of a Surface Vessel


TA2: Autonomous Vehicles

Majura F. Selekwa, Emmanuel G. Collins and Joseph Q. Combey Jr. (FAMU-FSU)

Multivalued Versus Univalued Reactive Fuzzy Behavior Systems for Navigation Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Yanan Zhao, Majura F. Selekwa, and Emmanuel G. Collins, Jr. (FAMU-FSU)

Computational Improvements in the Multivalued Fuzzy Behavior Control System for Robot Navigation

Keith Stegath, Jim Greco, and Eric Schwartz (UF)

Three-wheeled Autonomous Agent (Gnuman) With Roulette and Hypotrochoid

Carlos Santos Merino and Sabri Tosunoglu (FIU)

Design of a Crawling Gait for a Modular Robot


TA3: Teleoperations

Marc Alise and Rodney G. Roberts (FAMU-FSU)

Some Recent Approaches to Teleoperation in the Presence of Time Delay

Wentao Yu, Rajiv Dubey, and Norali Pernalete (USF)

Telemanipulation Enhancement through User’s Motion Intention Recognition and Fixture Assistance

Mehmet Ismet Can Dede and Sabri Tosunoglu (FIU)

Modeling of a Single DOF Force Feedback Teleoperation System


TA4: Machine Vision I

Shalom Darmanjian, Michael Nechyba, A. Antonio Arroyo, and Eric M. Schwartz (UF)

Darmanjian-Shaker Method (DSM): Novel Edge Detector with Blurring

Edmond M. DuPont, Hyun Geun Yu, and Rodney G. Roberts (FAMU-FSU)

Robust Eigendecomposition Methods for Object Pose Detection

Gary Stein (UCF)

An Application for a NN Based Robotic Driving Platform with Multiple Articulations Based on Vision


TP1: Machine Vision II

Sergio Verduci and Hanqi Zhuang (FAU)

A Preliminary Study on Human Face Prediction

James Greco, David Kallenborn, and Michael C. Nechyba (UF)

Statistical Pattern Recognition of the Iris

Seth McNeill, Joel Schipper, Taja Sellers, and Michael C. Nechyba (UF)

Coin Recognition using Vector Quantization and Histogram Modeling


TP2: Manipulators

Melissa Morris and Ming Z. Huang (FAU)

A Study of Bilateral Force Reflecting Manipulators

Andres Herrera, Andres Bernal, David Isaza, and Malek Adjouadi (FIU)

Design of an Electrical Prosthetic Gripper using EMG and Linear Motion Approach

Edward J. McCaffrey, Redwan M. Alqasemi, and Rajiv V. Dubey (USF)

Kinematic Analysis And Evaluation Of Wheelchair Mounted Robotic Arms


FA1: Modeling I

Oren Masory, Loris Malaptias, and William Wright (FAU)

Fifth Wheel Modeling and Testing

Abbas H. Zadegan and Ali Zilouchian (FAU)

Controller Order Reduction Using the Neighborhood of Crossover Frequency Approach

Oren Masory and Grainer Thomas (FAU)

A Simple Model for the Determination of Jackknifing


FP1: Modeling II

Oren Masory and Stephan B. Rink (FAU)

Step Ladder Instability and Dynamic Loading

Jessica R. Bronson, Gloria J. Wiens, and Roger Tran-Son-Tay (UF)

A Feasibility Study On MEMS Test-Structures For Analysis Of Biological Cells And Tissue

Max Makeev, Rolando Panez, Vinh Trinh, A. Antonio Arroyo, and Michael C. Nechyba (UF)

“Unsupervised Histogram and Hidden Markov Modeling for use in Automated Music Categorization”


FP2: Education

Zvi S. Roth (FAU)

The Making of a ‘Bio-Systems Modeling and Control’ Course

Rachid Manseur (UWF)

Interactive Visualization Tools for Robotics

Hanqi Zhuang and Sal Morgera (FAU)

An Undergraduate Course - Internet-Based Instrumentation and Control


FP3: Micro Aerial Vehicles

Jason Plew, Jason Grzywna, and M. C. Nechyba (UF)

Recent Progress in the Development of On–Board Electronics for Micro Air Vehicles

Matthew Rhodes, Greg Tener, and Annie S. Wu (UCF)

Evolving Control for Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs)

Jason W. Grzywna, Ashish Jain, Jason Plew, and M. C. Nechyba (UF)

Rapid Development of Vision-Based Control for MAVs through a Virtual Flight Testbed

Sinisa Todorovic and Michael C. Nechyba (UF)

A Vision System for Horizon Tracking and Object Recognition for Micro Air Vehicles


FP4: Multi-Agent Robotics

Michelle Kalphat and Tim Roberts (UCF)

RDECOM’s Intelligent Behaviors for Autonomous Systems: Ground/Air Cooperative Teaming for Countermine Modeling

Kaveh Albekord, Adam Watkins, Gloria Wiens, Norman Fitz-Coy, and Kuo-Chi Lin (UF/UCF)

Multiple-Agent Surveillance Mission with Non-stationary Obstacles

Daniel J. Cox (UNF)

Cooperative Manipulation Testbed Development – Kinematics

Edward A. Carlson, Edgar An, and Pierre-Philippe Beaujean (FAU)

Simulating communication during multiple AUV operations







We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Neal Gallagher, Dean of Engineering at the University of Central Florida, Dr. Louis Chow, Interim Dean of Engineering at the University of Central Florida before Dr. Gallagher, and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida for sponsoring this event.