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  • Please e-mail your IMDL Weekly Reports every Tuesday by 8am to
  • SolidWorks (a 3D parametric solid modeling software package) is available for UF students for free for students. Ask Dr. Schwartz how to get it.
  • To have your PCB milled in the ECE Senior/Junior Design lab (in NEB 246), please complete a Mill Request Form.


T- Tech Info




0.05" radius

Outside Layer


Inside Layer


Save as R13 DXF

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Spring 2014 Lab Hours (NSC 407)

Starting week of January 6, 2014

Email Contacts:

·      Dr. Arroyo:       (In MAEB 338) T:5,6 R:6

·      Dr. Schwartz:   (In MAEB 321) M:7; W:6-7

·      Josh Weaver:    T: 5:10-8:10p

·      Andy Gray:        T: 10:40a-12:35p* OR 10:40a-1:40p*
                          * alt. weeks W: 9:35a-12:35p

·      Nick Cox:         R 10:40a-1:40p ; F: 1:55-4:55p

·      Daniel Frank:    R: 1:55-4:55p





In-Lab Demos

06 Jan 14

Boards Considered.

13 Jan 14

Boards Ordered & Robot Abstract.

20 Jan 14

Working board & Informal Proposal.

27 Jan 14

Proc. board interfaced with sensor/actuator. PWM signal generation & LCD/USART feedback. Formal Reports 1

03 Feb 14

Platform Component Cutout Group 1.

10 Feb 14

Platform Component Cutout Group 2.

17 Feb 14

Fully Assembled platform w/ Electronics Working.

24 Feb 14

Obstacle Avoidance Graded Demo (5%)

10 Mar 14

Preliminary Special Sensor/System Demo in Lab.

17 Mar 14

Special Sensor/System Demo Tuesday In-Lab during class time. Oral/Written Report 2 Thu.

24 Mar 14

Tweak & Finalize Design.

31 Mar 14

Software Demo

07 Apr 14

Pre-Demo Day (5%)

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