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Courses Taught by MIL Faculty

EEL3111Circuits IBasic Analysis of DC and AC circuits.
EEL3135Discrete-Time Signals and SystemsIntroduces signals and systems and the mathematical tools to design and analyze them; it lays the foundation for many, many other topics in electrical and computer engineering including circuits, control, communication and signal processing..
EEL3701Digital Logic and Computer SystemsAn overview of logic design, algorithms, computer organization and assembly language programming and computer engineering technology.
EEL4712Digital DesignAdvanced modular logic design, design langauges, "finite" state machines and binary logic.
EEL4744Microprocessor ApplicationsElements of microprocessor-based systems; hardware interfacing and software design for their application.
EEL4924Electrical Engineering Design 2Second semester of senior design.
EEL5666Intelligent Machine Design LabDesign, simulation, fabrication, assembly, and testing of intelligent robotic machines.
EEL5745Microcomputer Hardware and SoftwareFunctional behavior of microprocessors, memory, peripheral support integrated circuit hardware; microcomputer system and development software; applications.
EEL5840Elements of Machine IntelligenceEngineering and hardware concepts pertaining to design of intelligent systems.
EEL6562Image Processing and Computer VisionIage processing (image filtering, denoising), feature extraction (color, texture, wavelets), image segmentation and object recognition (face detection), video and motion analysis (optical flow, detection of moving objects), multi-view algorithms for 3D vision (stereo, structure from motion).
EEL6667Kinematics, Dynamics and Control of Robot ManipulatorsRigid body motion, coordinate frames, forward and inverse kinematics, jacobians, quaternions, dynamics and control, planning.
EEL6668Methods in Robot PerceptionState-of-the-art techniques in sensor-based robot perception, feasibility of existing technologies with respect to new applications, approaching machine perception problems.
EEL6825Pattern RecognitionBayesian decision theory, parametric estimation and supervised learning, unsupervised learning and clustering, linear discriminant functions, neural networks, nonparametric methods, applications.
EEL6841Machine Intelligence and SynthesisTheory of machine intelligence applied to general problem of engineering intelligent computer systems and architecture. Applications emphasized.
EEL6935Machine Learing in RoboticsNeural networks, locally weighted learning, stochastic optimization, Bayesian learning, Expectation-Maximization algorithm, Markov chains and hidden Markov models, Markov Decision Processes (reinforcement learning).