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  • ÁPAD Accessory Boards.pdf
  • 0

    Thur, 1 Sept
    Canvas link

    Lab 0 Document (R0)
  • Out of The Box uPAD 2.0 kit Parts List - Excel or PDF
  • Video: EEL4744C - Lab Kit Unboxing and Construction (OLD)
  • Out of The Box uPAD Assembly Guide 1.3 (10 January 2022)
  • Electronic Assembly handout Chapter 3 of the MIT 6270 Manual
  • 1

    Sat, 17 Sept
    Canvas link

    Lab 1 Document (R0)
  • Lab 1 skeleton (R0)
  • Watch this video on Accessing Memory
  • Microchip Studio 7.0 (formerly called Atmel Studio) Installation Tutorial (R0)
  • Microchip Studio Website for Downloading (build 7.0.2542, or higher, available)
  • Tutorial on how to Create, Simulate, and Emulate a Project (R0)
  • GPIO_Output.asm for above tutorial.
  • Assembly Language Conversion: GCPU to XMEGA (R0)
  • Example with pointers and excellent comments (R0) (Table_Load_Example.asm)
  • Using Watch in Atmel Studio (R0)
  • Getting Started with Atmel Studio 7 (User Guide)
  • Auto complete for assembly extension tool (by Matt) documentation
  • Download the Auto complete extension for assembly extension tool (by Matt)
         * Replace the .txt or .zip in the filename to .vsix
  • 2

    Fri, 23 Sept
    Sat, 24 Sept

    Canvas link

    Lab 2 Document (R0)
  • Multiple ASM Files GIF
  • DAD Tutorial Info
  • Switch Debouncing through Software
  • Estimating Time With Timer/Counter Systems
  • The Most Common Use Case for Timer/Counters
  • lab2_f22_4_skeleton.asm (R0)
  • 3

    Fri, 30 Sept
    Sun, 2 Oct,

    Canvas link

    Lab 3 Document (R0)
  • Switch Debouncing through Software
  • 4

    Pre-Lab Quiz
    Mon, 10 Oct
    Lab due
    Sat, 15 Oct
    Canvas link

    Lab 4 Document (R0)
    • Lab 4 - EBI Pre-Lab Quiz (Fall 2022) is due Mon, 10 Oct, 11:58pm. You can take this quiz as often as you want. It is auto-graded. Your last grade (prior to the due date) is the one that will count.
    • A helpful schematic for completing the pre-lab quiz. Print out two extra completely blank copies (and don't write on them); you will be allowed to (and will want to) use one during the Lab 4 Quiz and another during Practical 1.
  • 32 KB SRAM spec sheet
  • Spec sheet for the 74HC573A 8-bit 3-state transparent latch.
  • Spec sheet for the 74HC574A 8-bit 3-state D flip-flop.
  • Pinouts for 74'573 8-bit 3-state transparent latch
  • Pinouts for 74'574 8-bit 3-state D flip-flop
  • External Bus Interface (EBI) (Atmel doc8058 - AVR1312)
  • sram_data_asm.txt
  • Search at 3701 software page for "FPGA" or "PLD" and "Quartus" from 3701 to find relevant info
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    Sat, 22 Oct
    Canvas link

    Lab 5 Document (R0)
  • PuTTY for 64-bit operating systesm and for 32-bit operating systesm
  • XMEGA Baud Rate Calculator (Excel file to CHECK your work)
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    Sat, 5 Nov
    Canvas link

    Lab 6 Document (R1)
  • Lab 6 - First Submission is due Sat, 29 Oct, 11:58pm.
  • Fri labs over Zoom on Mon, 7 Nov, at normal times.
  • SPI, Setup and Use Application Note (Atmel doc2585 - AVR151)
  • SPI, Interfacing serial memories Application Note (Atmel doc2595 - AVR107)
  • Lab 6 Files:
        + The part number in the Robotics
           Backpack 2.1A schematic may be

  • LSM6DSL IMU Application Notes
  • SN74LVC1G3157 (Analog switch)
  • SerialPlot 0.12.0 software (for Windows)
  • SerialPlot 0.11.0 software (for Windows) [used in fall 2021]
  • Local copies of SerialPlot (for Windows): 0.12.0; 0.11.0
  • SerialPlot software source website
  • Supplemental Exercise for Assembly to C Programming
  • Info on C for the Atmel XMEGA
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    Sat, 12 Nov, 11:58pm Canvas link

    Lab 7 Document (R2)
  • AVR1300: Using the AVR XMEGA ADC (Atmel doc8032)
  • AVR1001: Getting Started with the Event System (Atmel doc8071)
  • 8

    Wed, 23 Nov
    Canvas link

    Lab 8 Document (R0)
  • Digital to Analog (DAC) (Atmel doc8033)
  • DMA Controller (Atmel doc8046D - AVR1304)
  • Audio Amplifier (IS31AP4991) DataSheet (local copy)
  • HW 4: System Clock Configuration
  • clock.s.txt - Rename the file to clock.s (from clock.s.txt)
  • Sine wave calculator
  • Triangle wave calculator
  • Exponential decaying wave calculator
  • Space Balls Audio File