The Latest on EEL 4744

Fall 2023 classes meet Tues periods 2-3 (8:30-10:25am) & Thur period 3 (9:35-10:25am) in TUR L011
OR Tues, periods 8-9 (3:00-4:55pm) & Thur, periods 9 (4:05-4:55pm), in FLG 230.
Both sections meet Wed, periods 9-10 (4:05-6:00pm), via Zoom.
Labs meet in NEB 281. (UF map).

  • Watch Honorlock: Proper Room Scan.
  • Compressing Atmel Studio Project into a Zip: Text GIF

  • GET INVOLVED! (with ECE & Engr student groups):
  • UF's Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MIL) Website
  • UF IEEE student branch Website, Facebook, Instagram
  • UF ACE student branch Website, Facebook , Instagram
  • WECE (Women in ECE) Website, Facebook, Instagram
  • HECE (Hispanics in ECE) Website, Facebook, Instagram
  • NSBE (National Socienty of Black Engineers) Website, Facebook, Instagram
  • The Broward Hall Tutoring has some study skills videos available here. A link to setup an appointment for Study Skills is available here.
  • Comments from recent students now in industry (or grad school).
  • Email sent to Dr. Schwartz without 4744 and a meaningful subject in the subject field will be ignored.
  • Be the tortoise; not the hare! (Thanks to Tessy.) Close-up