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Spring 2016 class meets in CHE 237 Tues & Thur, periods 2-3. Labs are in NSC 407.

Information for future students are contained in this announcement and flyer.

A comment from a recent EEL 5666 student.

Welcome to the IMDL home page. Whether you are a current, past, or potential student in the class, (or even an outside observer) we hope that this page will be helpful to you. The course syllabus is in Adobe PDF format.

The Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory (IMDL) constitutes a capstone undergraduate laboratory and a beginning graduate laboratory that provides students with a realistic engineering experience in design, simulation, fabrication, assembly, integration, testing, and operations of a relatively complex, intelligent machine. A lab project, oriented about a small, microcomputer controlled, electronically sensualized, autonomous robot that exhibits various tasking behaviors, requires the integration of various subdisciplines in electrical and computer engineering: microcomputer interfacing and programming, analog and digital electronics, computer aided engineering, control, and communications.

Students outside of electrical engineering are welcome and encouraged to take the class. Adequate guidance will be given those who need it. Many mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, agricultural engineers, a law student, two business majors and a geology major have successfully completed the course.

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